The overtaking of trucks on the highway

Driving quietly on the highway at 130km / h, you are brutally blocked by a truck that doubles at 90km / h ... annoying, is not it? But is it forbidden?

Abandoned Highway Pripyat Chernobyl (CC Zoriah)

Abandoned Highway Pripyat Chernobyl (CC Zoriah)

To my knowledge, these trucks can be sanctioned in two very special cases only ... the rest of overtaking are certainly embarrassing, but not prohibited.

Chapter 1. Paths of at least 3 ways

Section 1.1. The principle

If you are on a lane of at least three lanes (ie 2 × 3 lanes or more), there is a special rule regarding lane use by lorries.

In fact, for heavy vehicles over 3.5t or over 7m in length, they are forbidden to use other routes. than the two most right lanes (R412-25 of the Highway Code):

Where a road has three or more lanes, assigned to the same direction of traffic, it shall be prohibited for drivers of vehicles with a total permissible gross weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes or combinations of vehicles exceeding 7 meters in length. use routes other than the two lanes closest to the right-hand side of the roadway, except, with the least possible hindrance to the normal operation of the other vehicles, to prepare a change of direction.

To put it simply, heavy goods vehicles can use the routes indicated in this diagram:

Highway (cc Clicsouris)

Highway (cc Clicsouris)

Section 1.2. Punishment

Failure to comply with this rule may result in a fine

Chapter 2. The really heavy weights ...

Section 2.1. Principle

When overtaking, heavy vehicles must be careful not to slow down other vehicles too much (in reality, this is also true for all vehicles).

Thus, when a vehicle uses the left-most lane, it must not be below 80 km / h (R413-19 of the Highway Traffic Act).

As a reminder, there is no minimum speed on the motorway, but your speed should not, in any case, "interfere with the normal operation of other vehicles while driving for no good reason at an abnormally reduced speed” (R413-19 of the Highway Traffic Act).

Highway (cc Clicsouris)

Highway (cc Clicsouris)

Section 2.2. Sanction

Driving under the 80km / h threshold on the leftmost lane is punished by a 2nd category fine of 150 € (R413-19 of the Highway Traffic Act together R131-13 penal code).


  1. bonjour, je viens de faire 1450 kms sur l\’autoroute et je trouve qu\’il y a trés peu , oui je dis trés , trés peu d\’accidents sur les autoroutes françaises quant on voit l\’intense circulation et surtout les risques que prennent les poids lourds !!!!!! c\’est absolument scandaleux de réprimer autant afin de pénaliser les automobilistes et de ne rien faire pour encadrer la conduite de ces routiers …..bien sur , pas tous mais surtout tous ces immenses camions qui prennent l\’aspiration du précédent afin de commencer à doubler , qui mettent leur clignotant et qui se déportent pour passer devant ……c\’est un scandale et tous ces camionneurs sont étrangers pour la plupart ……et que font les pouvoirs publics pour mettent un frein à ces abus ?? rien …..ON PENALISE DES VOITURES QUI ROULENT A 140 MAIS QUI SONT 2TUDIEES ET CAPABLES DE ROULER a 180/200 MAIS ON DIT RIEN A TOUS CES CAMIONS QUI ROULENT A 100/110 MAIS QUI SONT A LEURS LIMITES DE PUISSANCE ????????

  2. Hello

    Qu’en est il des autoroutes à 2 voies (Toulouse Narbonne par exemple ….) où on voit régulièrement sur le trajet des panneaux “camions interdit de doubler” mais où on manque fréquemment rentrer dans un camion qui déboite pour doubler un autre camion (passage express de 130 km/h à 80 maxi …. grrr ! je déteste!!!)
    My question: do they really have the right to double then? to what is the warning signs "trucks forbidden to double" otherwise? (or how many km are these signs valid? ??? !!!)

  3. Do trucks have the right to dock without worrying about vehicles?

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