Can a scooter ride on bike paths?

Anyone who has a scooter has obviously noticed that moving on bike paths drawn on the road can be a real plus to avoid Paris traffic jams ... But is this really allowed?

Cycling (CC thomashawk)

Bike (CC thomashawk)

Apparatus authorized on a cycle track


Only "cycles" can use the cycle paths (R110-2 of the Highway Code).

Definition of "cycle"

But finally, a scooter could not it be considered a cycle? It has two wheels, so ... good ...

Unfortunately for you, the definition given in point 6.10 of the article R311-1 of the Highway Traffic Act do not leave too much doubt:

Cycle: vehicle having at least two wheels and powered exclusively by the muscular energy of the persons on this vehicle, in particular using pedals or cranks;

A scooter (or even an electric bike) will not be considered as a cycle ...

Definition of the cycle path

The bike path (or cycle lane) unfortunately has no very precise definition.

Article R110-2 of the Highway Code simply indicates that bike lanes are " exclusively for two or three wheel cycles "(And if not four-wheeled children's bikes, huh?" I shout at discrimination!).

But how do you make a "bike trail"?

Is it the simple fact of drawing a pictogram on the roadway that makes the track "cycle" or does it require an administrative decision taken by the town hall or the prefect?

Cycle pictogram (CC zigazou76)

Cycle pictogram (CC zigazou76)

Personally, I do not know ...


The fine in case of violation of this rule is then a contravention of the 2nd class (R110-2 of the Highway Code) is :

Special permissions

If the scooters can not, as a matter of principle, use the cycle tracks, " the authority vested with police power "(Ie the prefect of police in Paris or the town hall in the majority of the other cities) can authorize them to borrow it (R431-9 of the Highway Traffic Actsecond paragraph).

To my knowledge, in Paris, the prefect did not take such a measure: friends scooter, you are warned 🙂


  1. Obligate slow mopeds (50km / h max), and fragile (no bodywork) to use the same lanes as cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles is criminal. those who made this decision have no consideration for the lamba citizen, especially when one sees the state of the few existing bike lanes. I remember that in 1978, when I passed my school certificate of road safety, bicycles and mopeds (49.9 cm / cubic) were required to use bike paths, my Rousseau code of the same year also stipulates it!

    • Forcing even more fragile cyclists to endure the harassment of mopeds and scooters on their tracks and their dangerous overtaking is even more criminal.

    • Rolling 2rm in the middle of a cyclist and pedestrians when they think they are all allowed, ride hard and have dangerous behavior is just as criminal, some bike paths are areas where will play and cyclists and circulate as if it were a sidewalk and swinging a motorized gear in the middle of that when most have a shitty behavior is just unconscious.

      All bike paths are not at the edge of a road with just a route on the ground must remember it.

  2. Hello,
    I hold for 3 years a scooter 50 cc and I would like to know if I had to roll at the edge of the roadway if there was no bike path? My scooter does not exceed 50 km / h.

  3. Your information is not exactly accurate. An electric assistance cycle is well assimilated to a bicycle.
    - Cycle: a vehicle having at least two wheels and powered exclusively by the muscular energy of persons on the vehicle, in particular using pedals or cranks;
    - Pedal assisted cycle: a cycle equipped with an electric auxiliary motor with a maximum continuous power rating of 0.25 kilowatts, the power of which is gradually reduced and finally interrupted when the vehicle reaches a speed of 25 km / h, or earlier if the cyclist stops pedaling.

  4. Hello, I confirm except for the amount of almond 90 € + withdrawal point in the case of a cubic capacity> 50cm3 (idem that a red light 🙁) .But in practice in paris this penalty It is applied only in the presence of a solid central ground, because the overshoot on the right remains tolerated ...

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