Industrial application

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Chapter 1. Definition of industrial application

Only inventions with a possible industrial application are patentable (L611-10 CPI).

An invention is considered as susceptible of industrial application if its object can be made or in use in any kind of industry, including agriculture (L611-15 CPI).

Chapter 2. Appraisal of the industrial application

Section 2.1. Principle

There is an industrial application:

Section 2.2. Special case of a technical application of a human body element

If the elements of the human body are not patentable, it is possible to protect by patent "the technical application of a function of a human body element” (L611-18 CPI).

It is appropriate to indicate precisely the application in the patent application (L611-18 CPI): if the application has not been identified at the filing date of the application, the invention is not patentable (eg a piece of DNA whose function or product is unknown, INPI Examination Guidelines, IC VII-2.3).

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