The communication of copies to designated Offices



The IB transmits to each designated Office (unless waived by this Office) a copy of the application as published (R47.2 PCT).

Thus, this copy contains the RRI, if available (R48.2.av PCT).

Finally, any changes received within the prescribed period are also communicated to the designated Offices (R47.1.b PCT).


Normally, the language of the copy is the language of publication (A20.1.a PCT together R47.3.a PCT).

In addition, if the application is filed in another language, and if the Office so requests, the IB may also submit the application as filed (A20.1.a PCT together R47.3.a PCT).

In addition, the RRI is transmitted in English to the designated States upon request (R47.1.d PCT).

Notice to the depositor of this communication

After the expiry of 28 months from the priority date, the applicant shall be informed of the list of States to which the communication was made and of the date of such communication ( PCT).

Nevertheless, some countries may refuse to appear on this notice if it does not consider that this opinion constitutes conclusive evidence of the fact that the communication has occurred ( PCT).

Once this notice has been received, the applicant knows that he no longer has to send a copy of the application to the designated States (A22.1 PCT).

Time limit

The IB communicates this copy after publication (R47.1.a PCT).

Nevertheless, this copy will be transmitted promptly if the applicant requests an early national phase-in (R47.1.a PCT together R47.4 PCT and R76.5.v PCT / R61.2.d PCT).

If the designated State requests the communication of the application before publication of the application, the request may be communicated without an IPP if a period of 12 months from the priority has elapsed (A13.1 PCTno office has today used its right).

At any time, the applicant may transmit (A13.2.a PCT) the application or may request the IB to forward it (A13.2.b PCT) to any designated State. A fee is required if the IB transmits the application (R31.1.b PCT). This transmission does not empower the designated State to start processing the request (the opposite being true R47.4 PCT and R61.2.d PCT).

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