Methods for filing an international patent application

Direct deposit

The international application may be filed directly with the RO (A10 pct and Applicant's Guide §6.003).

Direct deposit arrangements (addresses, etc.) are governed by the applicable national law.

Mail-in deposit

The international application may be sent by post to the RO (Applicant's Guide §6.003).

Direct deposit arrangements (addresses, etc.) are governed by the applicable national law.

Filing by fax


The international application can be sent by fax to RO (Applicant's Guide §6.003) if :

The use of faxes is governed by R92.4 PCT (or other similar means resulting in a printed or written document).

If the fax is illegible (in whole or in part), the fax is considered as not having been received and the applicant is informed (R92.4.c PCT).

EPO case

Before the EPO, it is still necessary to transmit in one copy (A151 EPC together R157 (2) EPC) the hard copy of the application documents and the application.

It should be indicated on the fax that paper documents are sent at the same time by mail ("Decision of the President of the European Patent Office dated 20 February 2019 concerning the filing of patent applications and other documents by telefax", OJ 2019, A18 ).

If no document is received, the EPO invites the applicant to produce these documents within 2 months (and not 14 days as indicated above).

If the applicant does not respond to this invitation, the fax is deemed not received, that is, the request is deemed withdrawn ( PCT).

Electronic filing


The deposit can be made using PCT-EASY : a paper filing accompanied by an electronic version (floppy disk, CD-Rom).

PCT-EASY software can be used (R89ter PCT and R3.1 PCT together Administrative Instructions 102bis.a) if the RO accepts it:

Any office that does not accept this type of deposit may:

The EPO has not accepted a PCT-EASY filing since 1 April 2007 (OG 2007, 58).


This deposit mode allows a deposit via a WEB interface if the RO is the IB (link to the site).


WIPO has developed software for online electronic filings (link to the site) at the IB and possibly other RO's accepting it.

Other means

The international application may be filed in electronic format (R89bis.1.a PCT) if the RO accepts this type of deposit (R89bis.1.d PCT).

The deposit must then comply with Administrative instructions, chapter 7 and theAnnex F of the Administrative Instructions.

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