National Patent Register and Public Inspection

National Patent Register

RNB registration

The following are registered in the GNI (R613-53 CPI):

  • identification of the applicant (as well as changes in name, legal form or address);
  • acts modifying the ownership of the patent / patent application;
  • acts modifying the enjoyment of the patent / patent application (ie licenses);
  • the references of the patent application or the patent;
  • subsequent acts affecting the existence or scope (ie limitations, revocation, or cancellation - for cancellation it is only registered when it becomes final, R613-54 CPI);
  • in case of claiming ownership: the corresponding assignment and the suspension and resumption of the grant procedure;
  • the corrections of material errors affecting the inscriptions.

Registration details

Stopping act

In order to register an instrument modifying the ownership of the patent / application, it is necessary that the former owner mentioned in the document is the one registered with the INPI (R613-55 CPI): in short, the chain of rights must be continuous.

To enter it, it is necessary to provide a copy or an extract of the act (R613-55 CPI).

A registration fee must also be paid (R613-55 CPI): 27 € (Order of 24 April 2008 on procedural fees collected by the INPI), by title, with a maximum of 270 €.

Change of name, etc. without assignment

Changes of name, legal form, address and corrections of material errors are registered at the request of the registered owner (R613-57 CPI).

A justification can be requested.

This registration of a change of name, legal form or address is 27 € (Order of 24 April 2008 on procedural fees collected by the INPI).

Since the entry into force on 1st May 2008, of the London Agreement, it is no longer necessary to file a French translation of the application: in reality, the INPI will even refuse its filing (C. Cass. com., June 9, 2015, No. 13-22529).

Public inspection

No registration shall be entered in the register until the patent application is made public (R613-53 CPI), is 18 months after the filing of the oldest priority application or application (R612-59 CPI together L612-21 CPI).

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